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​Established in 2018, _UBH – The Universal Business Hub – has grown from a single entity service provider to a Multi purpose driven IT consulting and outsourcing company, dedicated to driving scale @ speed and delivering value to our customers.
We bring innovation and agility to everything we do and everyone we serve. We move the world forward, every day In 2018, the UBH was established as a sole proprietorship, which subsequently received registration in the United States. The company operates globally and engages in joint ventures, catering to clients across multiple domains such as B2B and B2C Call Center Services, Outsourcing/Off-shoring, Web/App Development, Cloud Services, Data Management, and Digital/Affiliate Management.

The UBH mission is to transform promising talents into accomplished professionals in diverse fields. To this end, the company has trained and employed 245 individuals across India and the Philippines.

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Ms. Manisha Yadav, an accomplished leader with a proven track record, serves as the managing director of The Company. With more than 8 years of professional experience, she has been an integral part of The Universal Business Hub for over 2 years. Currently, she holds the position of Chief executive officer, Communications and Management SBU Head, overseeing the strategic business units in India and the Philippines. In this role, she bears the overall responsibility and accountability for the SBU's success. Prior to this, she has held several senior leadership positions focusing on sales and presales, including Head of Sales Business Operations and Business Consultant. Throughout her career, she has actively contributed to transformative initiatives at the organizational level and is recognized as one of The Universal Business Hub's prominent female leaders.Ms. Manisha's educational background includes an MBA in Operations and Supply Chain from Liverpool John Moores University and a Post Graduation in Management, Operations, and Supply Chain from the Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad. Ms. Manisha firmly believes in embracing limitless possibilities, fostering innovative thinking, and driving positive change, all of which align with the core principles of The Company.

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